Protectokote High Performance Coating

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Protectokote is a multi-purpose high-performance acrylic coating specifically formulated for use over marine insulation systems subject to a variety of difficult environmental conditions, but it is also suitable for use over many different types of insulation and other surfaces. Formulated from high-quality self-cross-linking latex, it provides a very durable protective coating and achieves superior adhesion to many different substrates. It has excellent fire resistance and resistance to weather, UV exposure, and moisture.

It was originally developed for specialty military applications in conjunction with a Department of Defense contractor and it passed DOD requirements for flammability, elongation, flexibility, adhesion, durability, weathering performance, and thermal cycling.

Protectokote is a moderate vapor retarder so it can be used on some types of cold systems and is good for dual temperature systems. It maintains excellent elongation, flexibility, and resistance to puncture and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It has a notable ability to maintain good flexibility at very low temperatures beyond the ability of most latex coatings.

Protectokote has a viscosity like a very thick paint and can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on. Applied in one coat or two it provides good resistance to a variety of environmental conditions and mechanical abuse at a dry film thickness of 40 mils or more. It also has good resistance to damage from chemicals, oils, salt spray, and hydraulic fluids, and is mildew-resistant.

Protectokote was tested at UL for the stringent surface-flammability and smoke-density requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and is certified for IMO applications (Coast Guard Approval No. 164.112/106/0). Product should not be applied on flat surfaces where ponded water will occur on top of it.

Product is water based and must be protected until is thoroughly cured from freezing, moisture, and other substances or conditions that might damage it while curing.

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