WC-1 Type C is a cork-filled mastic with low thermal conductivity and good moisture resistance. WC-1 Type C is used to retard condensation on the surface of piping, tanks, or other equipment which operates at a temperature below the dew point of the ambient air. It is designed for use on systems involving moderate temperatures such as cold water lines, but will not be effective on extremely cold surfaces. Normal applications range from ¼” to ½” total dry thickness.

WC-1 Type C is suitable for application by trowel or spray. Surfaces to which WC-1 Type C is to be applied MUST be clean from oil or other contaminants. Carbon steel must be primed with a primer approved by Vimasco prior to application of WC-1 Type C.

After proper application and complete curing on an appropriate type of system, WC-1 Type C, provides not only condensation control, but also some additional corrosion protection and sound deadening properties. It dries to a heavily textured appearance with the cork showing through the surface of the coating.

It is recommended that up to 4 applications of WC-1 Type C be used to obtain the specified dried thickness (depending on the desired thickness and the application conditions). Each coat should be allowed approximately 24 hours drying time (depending upon ambient conditions) before applying more material over it.

WC-1 Type C is a water-based product so it poses no health or flammability hazards on the job site. WC-1 Type C should not be applied where it will be exposed to continual standing or running water as this will eventually soften and degrade the coating.

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In accordance with OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.12 (Right to Know Law) a Material Safety Data Sheet is available for the product and all Vimasco products.


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