WC-5 is a heavy-bodied, water-based, vinyl acrylic mastic, for use over all types of insulation systems, both indoors and outdoors. It can also be applied as a protective coating over masonry surfaces and a variety of other substrates.

NOTE: Special care should be taken when applying WC-5 to foil facing as it will not always bond tightly, depending on the type of foil, test applications are recommended.

WC-5 is suitable for application by brush, trowel, or spray (application method should be specified when ordering). After drying it becomes a tough, flexible, color retentive coating which is resistant to weather, alkalis, oil, grease, moisture, and mechanical damage.

Its normal recommended dry thickness for full-scale outdoor protection is 1/16” (63mils), but it also provides excellent protection at thinner thicknesses. A minimum dry film thickness of 40 mils is recommended. WC-5 should not be applied where it will be subjected to continual standing water.

WC-5 must be protected from freezing during storage. It must be protected during and after application, from precipitation, freezing, oil, grease, and foot traffic until thoroughly cured.

WC-5 is breathing-type mastic which allows water vapor to pass through it. This is a benefit because residual water trapped underneath the coating is allowed to escape in the form of water vapor. WC-5 should not be used over a low temperature system unless a vapor barrier is present.

WC-5 is USDA acceptable for use in meat, poultry, and food processing plants.

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