TC-5 is a high-quality, multi-purpose textured architectural coating suitable for use on block, masonry, wood, drywall, and most other standard construction materials. When dry, it forms a tough coating which is highly resistant to weather, UV exposure, and physical damage, and it maintains enough flexibility to be resistant to cracking or tearing caused by expansion, contraction, or minor settling.

In its standard viscosity, TC-5 can be applied by brush, trowel, roller or spray. It can be applied evenly to achieve a pleasing uniform textured finish, or can be troweled into patterns and swirls to achieve a more varied decorative look. It will cover anywhere from 20 to 40 square feet per gallon depending on the application method, the condition of the substrate and the type of design being applied.

TC-5 is based on a vinyl-acrylic emulsion similar to a latex paint, so it is safe to use, requires no special handling (other than protection from freezing), and is easy to apply and clean up. It is nonflammable in the wet state and, when dry, will resist the spread of flame. It has a mild latex paint type of odor which is not harmful though adequate ventilation is recommended when applying it in enclosed spaces. TC-5 will offer years of durability on either exterior or interior applications.

TC-5 is ideal for most decorative architectural applications and bonds well with many different materials. If applying TC-5 to a metal surface, some surface preparation will be necessary and, in some cases, a suitable primer should be used. It should not be applied to a flat horizontal surface where it might be exposed to continual standing water as this will eventually cause the coating to soften and crack.

Product Information and Data

This product contains no hazardous materials. In accordance with OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.12 (Right to Know Law) a Material Safety data Sheet is available for this product and all Vimasco products. Vimasco products are designed to meet the needs of specific situations. They are warranted to be effective for their intended uses only. Vimasco will replace or refund the purchase price of any Vimasco product found by our laboratories to be defective, but that we assume no responsibility beyond the purchase price of the materials. No representative of our Company, Distributor or Agent has any authority to change or extend this condition of sale.