WC-1 NG is a specially formulated water-based breathing-type mastic coating for the protection of thermal insulation, or other substrates, in nuclear applications where it is important to minimize the risk of stress corrosion occurring on certain types of steel components. WC-1 NG contains only minimal levels of chlorides, fluorides, oxidizable sulfur, and other leachable contaminants which can cause stress corrosion. WC-1 NG is a heavy-bodied high-build coating which provides excellent topcoat protection while maintaining a very low flame spread classification.

WC-1 NG is a PVA based material which can be applied by trowel, palm or spray to a wet film thickness of 1/8” to yield our recommended dried film thickness of 1/16” (application method must be specified when ordering). Whey dry, WC-1 NG provides a tough, durable, flexible film which offers excellent protection from the elements, other sources of moisture, mechanical abuse and a variety of moderately harsh chemical environments. It will maintain a water-tight seal under intermittent flooding but should not be used where it will be exposed to continual standing water.

WC-1 NG has been fully tested by independent government-approved laboratories for compliance with NRC Reg. Guide 1.36 and MIL-DTL-24244D (SH).

WC-1 NG is a latex emulsion which contains no hazardous substances or solvents. It must be protected from freezing during storage and application. It must be protected from moisture, freezing, oil, grease and foot traffic, until it is thoroughly cured.

Vimasco manufactures under a stringent quality assurance program in accordance with MIL-I-45208 and each batch is tested for compliance with the appropriate standard or specification. Our manufacturing and Quality Assurance procedures are routinely audited by government and private industry inspectors.
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In accordance with OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.12 (Right to Know Law) a Material Safety Data Sheet is available for the product and all Vimasco products.


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