Estimation Guide for Ordering Chinking, Linear Feet Per Gallon for Various Gap Sizes

Depth of Joint
Width of Joint1/4″3/8″1/2″

Linear feet per gallon is shown in the red section of the chart, at intersect of appropriate width (on left) and depth (on top).

Note: LC-5 and SuperChink™ have different shrinkage rates as they cure. LC-5 will decrease 35% in thickness from wet to dry and SuperChink™ will decrease 25% in thickness. The figures in the chart assume that the wet application of the chinking fills the gap completely so it is flush with the face of the logs/timbers. Remember, after it dries, it will then be recessed slightly.

To calculate approximate number of gallons needed, divide the total linear feet of gap to be chinked by the feet per gallon in the appropriate box of the chart above. Remember, Vimasco chinkings are normally supplied in five-gallon pails.

For further assistance in estimating, CALL OUR HELPFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE AT (800) 624-8288.

LC-5 and SuperChink™ Limited Warranty Statement

Vimasco warrants its log chinking materials to be completely free of manufacturing defects and further warrants that products will perform as indicated in our product literature under normal circumstances. These products must be applied as per Vimasco’s recommendations and must not be exposed to extreme conditions or physical stress beyond the performance parameters of the products. Any product which is deemed to be defective by our laboratories or which does not perform in a manner which we deem to be satisfactory for at least 5 years will be replaced at not charge. This warranty should not be construed to include labor or any other charges over and above the cost of replacement material sufficient to correct the situation.