Low Emitting Materials Complying with LEED™ IEQ Credit 4.1 and 4.2

For your convenience, we have shown the VOC level of each Vimasco product as compared to the VOC limit allowable under the LEED™ standard.

The following Vimasco adhesives comply with LEED™ Credit 4.1

ProductProduct NameProduct VOC (g/L less water) LEED VOC Limit (g/L less water)
713Lagging Adhesive080
714Lagging Adhesive2680
727Laminating Adhesive0.580
760Hi-Temp Fibrous Adhesive080
795Duct Adhesive40250

The following Vimasco coatings comply with LEED™ Credit 4.2

ProductProduct NameProduct VOC (g/L less water)LEED VOC Limit (g/L less water)
WC-1Weather Barrier Mastic – PVA51150
WC-5Weather Barrier Mastic – Vinyl Acrylic0150
WC-7Weather Barrier Mastic – Vinyl Acrylic0150
ThickKoteHight Solids General Purpose Mastic12150
749 VaporBlok™Vapor Barrier Coating39150
739 BrushSeal™Commercial Grade Vapor Barrier Coating0150
708Insulation Coating45150
ProtectokoteAcrylic Weather Coating48150

All Vimasco products are manufactured in Nitro, W.Va.; therefore depending on where the project is, usage of these materials might apply towards LEED™ Credit MR 5.1 for use of regional materials.